CEO’s Welcome Message

We are a partnership of schools, united under our strapline: “growing together”. This simple phrase encapsulates the many ways we strive to nurture a thriving educational ecosystem.

Just as the ecology of a forest creates a protective habitat for many varied trees to grow and evolve interdependently, we see our Trust as the cooperative system within which our schools retain their individual identities whilst working together for the benefit of our wider partnership. Broadleaf Partnership Trust embodies this ethos by providing the supportive environment and shared intelligence that allows our schools to flourish while acknowledging their unique needs and approaches.

As the CEO of Broadleaf Partnership Trust, I have the privilege of standing alongside hundreds of people that make a difference every day through educating our future generation. Everything we do at Broadleaf branches from our vision and values:

Aspiration: We grow together by collectively raising the bar for educational excellence.

Alliance: We grow together by fostering a spirit of shared learning and mutual support.

Agility: We grow together by being adaptable and creative in a changing educational landscape.

Whether you’re a parent or community member wanting to find out more about us, or a colleague or school interested in joining us, I encourage you to explore our website and learn more about our values and how Broadleaf Partnership Trust is making a difference.

We’re passionate about education and believe in the power of collaboration to unlock every child’s potential. Together, we can cultivate a vibrant educational environment where everyone thrives.

Thank you for your interest in Broadleaf Partnership Trust.

Claire Pritchard
Chief Executive Officer

Our Schools