Vision & Values


Broadleaf Partnership Trust will lead and enable community centred schools that raise and realise aspirations, celebrate successes, and promote a lifelong love of learning.

Our Values



We celebrate a culture of continuous improvement, where all stakeholders are motivated to achieve the very best for every child. We aspire to create learning environments that foster curiosity, inclusivity, talent and creativity so that every child is encouraged to recognise their potential and develops ambitions that reflect their future goals.



Working in partnership across our schools and in affiliation with stakeholders, across the education sector and beyond, we can access information and networks that help to continually develop our people, communities and practice. Our collaborative approach enhances the strength of unity across our Trust whilst simultaneously recognising the uniqueness of our schools. We align many of our operational aspects whilst empowering learning leaders to meet the curriculum needs of their community.



We are agile in our approach, embracing change, and focused on excellence. We ignite and harness people’s passion by encouraging experimentation and innovation to make learning meaningful, build organisational resilience and ensure our approach stays current. We adopt a culture of shared and servant leadership across our Trust that enables action and provides the flexibility to respond and adapt to the ever-changing climate.

Our Schools