BPT makes national news about attendance

Broadleaf Partnership Trust’s Education Director Ian Barton was featured on ITV’s national news bulletin, discussing the government’s new guidance on improving school attendance.

We were very happy to share with a wider audience how across the Trust, attendance rates are above the national average, but also spread the word about some of the work we’re doing to improve even further.

Ian Barton says an important part of our approach is to treat each case on it’s merits and find out the reasons why:

“Since covid our attendance numbers have been going up, but the pandemic exposed some children to mental health issues and others have complex needs that we need to work with the families to encourage them into school so that they get their full education.

We have to be positive to get back to pre-pandemic levels of attendance, it’s about continuing to work, never giving up and trying every single strategy we can to get those children back into school.”

BPT’s two secondary schools, Plantsbrook and Perryfields Academy, have seen extra input in the form of ‘mental health hubs’ with extra pastoral and safeguarding resources made available. Ian Barton says the Trust are committed to helping wherever we can:

“It’s a complex issue, there isn’t one main cause for absences. We have to work with families to break down barriers because it’s different for every child and we will work with every agency we can because we firmly believe just how important it is for children to be in school and getting a good education.”

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